LED Edison Bulbs, Color Temperature & Wattage

Choosing the right color temperature and wattage can be confusing. Color temperature is measured in kelvins, which is the measurement of the color of the light output of the bulb. Basically think of a sliding scale from 1800k to 3000k for LED Edison bulbs. 

Commercial and industrial lighting goes up to 6000k which is a cold harsh blinding bright light. Color temperature is something that politicians and citizens alike need to understand because LED lighting can ruin a neighborhood or an entire feel of a city if the color temperature is too bright. 

With LED lighting you want to look at the lumens, not the wattage. The lumen per watt ranges from 70 to 220 or so at the time I'm writing this post. Three years ago 130 lumens per watt was very high efficiency. So LED technology has been advancing at the speed of light over the past few years, no pun intended. So with LED Edison bulbs the lumens per watt is typically in the 80-90 range. I'll come back and explain the LED wattage equivalency of traditional tungsten and carbon filaments we're all used to. 

LED Edison Bulbs
Jacob Meiré